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Charles B.R. Mitchell - Composer/Producer/Engineer
Chuck is the visionary who leads Voice Of The Arts. With over 20 years and a B.A. in the field, he is a proven leader in our industry. As a composer, he has extensive experience with the complex musical requirements of non-linear, interactive media. His unfailing ear for the subtle nuances of all aspects of audio give every project its own special sound. As the Owner/Producer, Chuck is responsible for project management, quality assurance, staying within budget, and delivering on time. Chuck also serves as a consultant on several international films for 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks. Such projects include the Cantonese and Russian versions Star Wars, Episode 1, and currently Titan AE, and El Dorado.
Pete Taylor - Director/Actor/Writer
Pete is proud to be a member of the team as our voice-over specialist. He has an extensive background of professional performing and directing with clients such as MGM/UA, Paramount, Disney, as well as many independent and corporate clients. Pete truly understands the intricacies of directing actors through the labyrinthine interactive format. Pete's unique directorial technique combines a caring, encouraging style with a script interpretation savvy that always delivers story-telling excellence.
Ken Givens - Composer/Engineer/Editor
Ken is a multi-tasking machine. Whether composing, engineering, or editing, he brings an expertise and poise that assure smooth and effective results with artistic elegance. His composing credits include Dick Clark Productions, The Family Channel, and numerous corporate clients. Ken is also a very talented vocalist, keyboardist, and has mastered MIDI sequencing.
Christopher Potter - Sound Designer
Chris comes to Voice of the Arts with an amazing history of accomplishment in the sound editorial and design arts. With a corporate and Hollywood client list that, quite literally, flows from A to Z - Chris has recorded and sweetened many of the finest vocal talents in the world. He then places them in his original aural environments that trigger the listeners' imagination in a manner reminiscent of old time radio theater - visuals are simply not required, but, when present, they are always enhanced by Chris' sounds.
Chris Damerst - Composer/Producer/Engineer

Mark Edward Lewis - Composer/Producer/Engineer
Mark Edward Lewis has been scoring film, documentaries, commercials, and software products for over ten years. Classically trained yet rooted in modern styles, his music blends the most dramatic elements of orchestral music with powerful aspects of synthesizer technology. Able to create incredible soundscapes with his impressive MIDI studio, Mark marries divergent musical styles into seamless fabrics perfect for dramatic underscore.
Also an avid recording producer, engineer, Mark has worked on several record projects all of which have stayed for weeks at number one on asian bilboards. See Mark's Webpage at:


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